Registration of T10 projects for medical students

Registration for degree projects for students of the medical program, starting August 29th, 2017.

The deadline for the registration of a project for the following semester is February 6th, 2017.

It is possible to resubmit a project that has been registered for previous semesters. However, you may also contact course administrator Anna-Maria Eriksson to help you transfer it to the current project list.

Projects that do not address a defined research question, such as a literature review, are not acceptable. Each project should be registered only once. Supervisors may only register two projects if the aim/question, material, and/or method are distinct (i.e. different projects). Please indicate this by providing different titles for the two projects and also make a note of the related projects in the ”special circumstances” fields.

The list of available projects will be made available to T9 students during February-March 2017 via the learning management system Moodle, T10 (examensarbete).

In the Program Syllabus U2007, project work is conducted during the 10th semester (T10) and comprises 30 ECTS (credits), which corresponds to an entire semester of full-time study.

Before you submit a project, please read the detailed instructions.

Registration Form

Questions are provided in English but you can answer in Swedish.


If you make an arrangement with a student to start a project from the list before it is made available via Moodle, you are obliged to remove it from the project list by February 6, 2017, at the latest. If it is not deleted from the list before this date, the project will be available to all students when the course management performs supervisor-student matching. To delete a previously submitted project, please contact the course administration (Anna-Maria Eriksson, address below) by e-mail or phone.

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