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Welcome to the English web pages for our Faculty and Staff. We hope you can find useful information for your work and learn more about hat�s happening within the Faculty of Medicine.

Use the links in the lefthand column for navigation. If you can´t find what you are looking for, feel free to ask someone in the Dean´s Office:

Head of office - Susanne Fahlgren

Academic appointments, promotions, docentship - Rosita Nilsson, Hanna Nilsson

Budget, economy, statistics - Patrik Mauritzon (budget coordinator); Carina Wallmark (budget coordinator); Emma Samuelsson, (budget coordinator); Kathrine Buhr (invoice handling, accounting); Anders Lindgren (budget follow up)

Doctoral education - Gunnevi Sundelin (Director of studies; ph. 090-786 77 68); Gunilla Mårald (secretary Board of Doctoral Education); Cecilia Elofsson Faculty secretary)

Equality of opportunity between women and men - Anna Lundberg

Human resources, salaries, terms of employmentSusanne Sundqvist, Elin Sonning

Information, news and media contacts, web - Lena Åminne, Daniel Harju

International students exchange - Carina Johansson

Research - Anna Lundberg (Research coordinator; secretary Board of Research); ph. +46 90 786 92 88

Undergraduate education - Marianne Johansson (secretary Board of Undergraduate Education); Henna Harinen (General coordinator); David Eriksson (coordinator, Medicine Programme), Olov Olsson, Marie Charlotte Ivarsson (Medicine Programme).

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