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Northern databases and data repositories lift research on ageing and dementia

Well-developed repositories and databases with patient data, connected to regular examinations using different imaging techniques, give Umeå University an advantage when it comes to research on the ag...

Umeå University EC Jubilee Award 2015

Umeå University honours Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier for her pioneering research with the powerful discovery of CRISPR-Cas9, which has already been of great importance by providing new opportuniti...

Drugs for impotence do not increase risk of melanoma

Using drugs for impotence does not increase the risk of malignant melanoma, researchers from Umeå University conclude in a publication in JAMA, a top US medical journal. These results contradict previ...

Climate change could wipe out progress in health – or be a great global health opportunity

The threat climate change poses to human health is possibly so great that it could wipe out health progress over the past 50 years. But getting to grips with climate change could also present major op...

Emmanuelle Charpentier receives Gruber Foundation award

The Gruber Foundation has awarded three international prizes honouring individuals for their groundbreaking work in the sciences. One of the 2015 Gruber Prize recipients in Genetics is Emmanuelle Char...

Honorary doctors at the Faculty of Medicine 2015

Brian Walker’s research has contributed to the compilation of a new medical drug group capable of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. Dawn Skelton’s research focuses on th...

Increasing burden of non-communicable diseases

There is a great need to slow down the increasing number of people who die prematurely because of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Although, the ch...

Umeå University holds inaugural master’s degree graduation ceremony

On Wednesday 27 May, Vice-Chancellor Lena Gustafsson congratulated nearly 100 master’s degree students at the inaugural Graduation Ceremony 2015. The afternoon ceremony was warmly received by students...

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