Faculty Calendar

August 2014

27 August at 14:00–17:00

Mikael Larsson

Dissertation Endogenous and exogenous factors affecting lipoprotein lipase activity.

September 2014

3 September at 09:00–12:00

Anders Johansson - physiology

Dissertation Context Dependent Adaptation of Biting Behavior in Human.

4 September at 10:00–15:00

Welcome Fair for new students

Other All new students are invited to attend Umeå University's Welcome Fair on Thursday 4 September at 10:00 to 15:00 in the Universum building in the heart of Campus Umeå.

5 September at 09:00–12:00

Emmelie Björklund - pharmacology

Dissertation The endocannabinoid system: A translational study from Achilles tendinosis to cyclooxygenase.

18 September at 09:00–12:00

GDNF and alpha-synuclein in nigrostriatal degeneration

Dissertation PhD student Maria Chermenina defends her thesis. Opponent: Professor Guido Nikkhah, Leiter Stereotaktische und Funktionelle Neurochirurgie, Neurochirurgische Klinik, Universitätsklinikum, Erlangen, Germany. Main Supervisor: Professor Ingrid Strömberg.

18 September at 09:00–12:00

Maria Chermenina - histology and cell Biology

Dissertation GDNF and alpha-synuclein in nigrostratial degeneration.

18 September at 10:00–13:00

Joakim Bjerke - physiotherapy

Dissertation Gait and postural control after total knee arthroplasty.

19 September at 13:00–16:00

Kristin Ahlm - forensic medicine

Dissertation Traffic and drowning incidents with emphasis on the role of alcohol and drugs.

26 September at 09:00–12:00

Martin R. Schmid - molecular biology

Dissertation Mechanisms of cellular inborn immunity in insects.

30 September at 13:00–16:00

Elisabet Sonntag-Öström - public health

Dissertation Forest for rest - recovery from exhaustion disorder.

October 2014

3 October at 09:00–12:00

Christina Storm Mienna

Dissertation Temporomandibular disorders among Sami women. Perspectives based on an epidemiological survey with mixed methods.

10 October at 09:00–12:00

Camilla Brorsson - anaesthesiology

Dissertation Trauma - logistics and stress response.

November 2014

14 November at 09:00–12:00

Alison Hernandez - public health

Dissertation Enabling the performance of nurses in rural Guatemala: The role of relationships.

December 2014

5 December at 09:00–12:00

Hanna Nord - molecular medicine

Dissertation The role of Six1 in muscle stem cells and the establishment of fast-twitch muscle fibres.

5 December at 13:00–16:00

Åsa Maria Gustafsson - pulmonary medicine

Dissertation Respiratory and immunological effects following inhalation to engineered nanoparticles.

12 December at 13:00–16:00

Elisabeth Bruce - nursing

Dissertation Support for families living with a child with congenital heart defects: Parents perspective.

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